TotalIR Packages
TotalIR Packages

Total IRWhy Total IR?


It’s no surprise that thermography has exploded. For every £1 invested, £20 is saved. However the biggest mistake that any organisation can do is to go out, spend £12,000 to £35,000 on a camera and try to get their staff to be effective. It takes time and the proper training to get the most out of thermography.


TotalIR takes away the worry and risk associated with purchasing a thermography camera.


Packages include:


  • Thermography Camera
  • IR Windows
  • IR Labels
  • IR Window fitting
  • After support and training
  • Certified Training


The cost:


Small monthly payments.


All contracts subject to survey and acceptance.


Typically a 2-5 year contract.


Extra charges may apply for your staff obtaining formal qualifications.


Industry has now recognised the benefits of thermography which is why we have seen an explosion in its use over the last few years. The new trend is for organisations to bring their thermographic surveys in-house. However there are dangers:


  • What equipment do you buy?
  • What about training?
  • What backup can you get?
  • How do you justify the capital expenditure?


TotalIR is the package which provides everything you will ever need and for as little as £105 per

Download GMT ThermoPro Datasheet (PDF)

Download MobirM8 Datasheet (PDF)