Building Pressure TestingBuilding Pressure Testing


Global Maintenance Technologies believe that today’s building performance test procedures, including the “New Part L Building Regulations” require diagnostic tools that are versatile, accurate and produce definitive reports.


  • Blow Door air-tightness testing
  • Exhaust fan flow measurements
  • Building depressurisation/combustion safety testing
  • Static pressure and velocity measurement
  • Application of additional predictive engineering
  • Four separate time-averaging modes
  • Bi-directional, accurate measurements up to 1000 Pa


Global Maintenance Technologies “Air Building Pressure Testing” service will provide clients with traceable data to meet full compliance with today’s legislation.


Building Pressure TestingGlobal Maintenance Technologies will collect all appropriate data, inspect the site, analyse the findings and present the information in a format that will lead to greater reliability and decrease business costs. Today’s buildings are constructed in many formats, however all must now be in full compliance with the law. G M Tech can help you to achieve this at a competitive cost, delivered with state of the art equipment, conducted by fully qualified and experienced operatives.

Building Pressure TestingVibration Analysis


Global Maintenance Technologies is committed to delivering a "best of breed" vibration analysis system to our clients by using the most advanced equipment available delivered by fully qualified engineers. The evaluation of the changes in vibration response, critical speeds and stability of a machine, has become an important part of most maintenance programs.


Using vibration analysis on rotating machinery enables the early detection of faults before failure. This analysis will help you conduct a detailed assessment of your rotating plant and form the basis for improvement to deliver effective cost savings. The aim therefore, is to evaluate machine condition for weaknesses, thus enabling the early diagnosis of faults. This in turn allows repairs to be planned and performed economically.


Building Pressure TestingDeliverables:


  • Initial audit & benchmarking
  • Measure, vibration, bearing condition, RPM, motor performance
  • Routine monitoring plans
  • Wear detection of rolling element and plain bearings.
  • Diagnosis and correction of machinery imbalance and misalignment.
  • Detection of gear tooth problems.
  • Diagnosis of electric motor rotor defects.
  • Early detection of coupling defects.
  • Diagnosis of pump problems, such as cavitations.
  • General trouble shooting of rotating machinery problems.
  • Predict failure
  • Improve performance


There are literally hundreds of specific problems that can cause a machine to exhibit excessive vibration. To locate the root cause of vibration an analysis of the vibration is required. The forces that cause vibration are usually generated through the rotating motion of the machine’s parts or electrical supply frequency. When a fault condition occurs the problem will exhibit characteristics that are directly related to these frequencies.


We will prepare a comprehensive report detailing the vibration analysis findings in both hard copy and CD-ROM, including the benchmark scores and practical recommendations for future improvement.


Vibration Analysis as part of a full survey can help make high maintenance a thing of the past!!

Energy Audits


Global Maintenance Technologies is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by reducing client's energy use. We provide clients with a cost effective energy audit capability, delivered in an initial "Energy Snapshot", and an advanced full Energy Audit.


The “Energy Snapshot" audit is designed as an initial investigation to enable an organisation to determine the following:




  • Current energy use
  • Current control methods
  • Energy reduction possibilities
  • Cost savings
  • Improvement in working environments
  • Improvement in plant efficiency
  • Analyse patterns and trends in consumption
  • Introduce monitoring and targeting
  • Contribute to global environmental improvement


The "Snapshot" will provide the base to commission a full in-depth energy audit. We will prepare a comprehensive report detailing the possible energy savings complete with analysis, findings, and solutions in both hard copy and CD-ROM, including the benchmark scores and practical recommendations for future improvement.


The analysis will help you conduct a detailed assessment of your current energy consumption.


Cutting your CO2 emissions not only helps your company meet its environmental commitments but also saves you money!!